History of ISHRAD

We are a very varied group and the one thing that draws us together is our passion for the history of radiology and all aspects of medical imaging and therapy. Medical imaging is changing all the time and is increasingly central to patient management and care. The story of radiology is fascinating and needs to be celebrated and recorded.

The idea of an international society of the history of radiology was born in Vienna, Austria in 2004 at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR).


Unconventional thinkers at the “Zwölf Apthostelkeller” in Vienna, Austria in 2004.
The “History Platoon” Alfredo Buzzi, Uwe Busch and Adrian Thomas discussing the idea of ISHRAD.
In 2011 it was finally time. ISHRAD was founded on March 5th. at the ECR.


First elected ISHRAD committee
left to right: A. Thomas, A. Buzzi, A Banerjee, U. Busch at ECR 2011